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Welcome to Sylabs Inc. We are the lead developers behind Singularity, the open source, container solution for compute based workloads.

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Typical container platforms lack the high levels of reproducibility, portability, security, and integration with underlying resources and hardware required for the demanding workloads found in:

Regardless of your industry, Singularity containers provide the services you need to support today’s data-intensive workloads

  • Enterprise performance computing—Providing a conduit for achieving secure, reproducible results for the computing needs of the enterprise.
  • Artificial Intelligence, Machine learning/deep learning—Facilitating centralized and distributed training of models and mobility of these models out to the edge.
  • High-performance computing—Support for existing HPC architectures, hardware, resources, workflows, applications, and use-cases.

Singularity has had massive adoption within the academic and government compute world which is providing the foundation of cross-pollination of technologies into the enterprise.

More on who is using Singularity

Significant adoption of Singularity within the academic and government sectors has established the foundation for rapidly enabling compute-centric containerization within the enterprise.

More on who is using Singularity.

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