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Singularity is Enterprise Performance Computing

Singularity continues to experience widespread support from a growing community of users. We are proud to say that Singularity container runtime and image format is trusted to run over 1 million jobs each day by users in academia, government, and a quickly growing enterprise segment. With exciting updates just around the corner, Singularity will make a stronger push into the enterprise!

Why Singularity is Perfect for Advanced Scale Systems

Singularity is specifically designed to maximize performance while mitigating security issues when running containers as non-root. This helps facilitate cohesion between applications that require direct integration with the host operating system, and the services that require isolation from each other on a host’s resources. Singularity’s container image format is where it all begins.

The Singularity Image Format (SIF) offers flexibility, control, and cryptographic verification of a users runtime environment. SIF provides the packaging mechanisms that provides users with a completely portable and reproducible environment for their containers. Singularity is the substrate bridges resources together, offering a platform built around simplicity, mobility, trust, and reproducibility.

How Does Singularity Address Security?

Singularity is unique in how it handles security, privilege, and user access. Singularity provides a methodology for non-root users to run while simultaneously locking their privilege within that container. This offers a safe environment where untrusted users have the ability to run untrusted containers, in a trusted way. By blocking escalation attempts, Singularity provides a safer means  for users to run applications, than natively on the host.

Out of HPC and into the Enterprise. Singularity has some new enterprise-grade features just around the corner including, integration with orchestration services and cryptographically signed and verified containers. Couple that with Sylabs’ keystore cloud service, you will not only be able to completely trust your runtime environment, you will also be able to verify each and every container, and provide accountability back to the creation entity.

Between the runtime architecture, container image format, and the value added services that Sylabs is creating, Singularity will add additional layers of security to your a containerized environment.

Containers for Enterprise Performance Computing

Containers are changing the paradigm about what it means to package and distribute software. Singularity takes this to the next level in offering a simple platform designed around container mobility, reproducibility, security, and performance. Our goal here at Sylabs is extend the reach of Singularity by providing access to services that can handle more demanding artificial intelligence, machine and deep learning, and advanced analytic workloads. With Singularity, enterprise users have direct access to a solutions ecosystem that simplifies the process of moving applications, workloads and computing environments across a single infrastructure or across hybrid environments. Raising the bar for container platforms, Singularity enables the power of AI, machine, and deep learning to deliver on our goal and provide unique enterprise-grade services.

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