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Pop Quiz: What do CentoOS and Singularity have in common?

Hint: It’s much more than just both being open source software (OSS) projects …

Answer: Both are OSS projects founded by Gregory Kurtzer.

In fact, when it comes to founding OSS projects, Greg has been nothing short of prolific, as he also founded Warewulf and CentOS progenitor Caos Linux as well.  

Though his focus these days is that of CEO and founder of Sylabs, the company driving products, services, and solutions based upon Singularity, Greg remains engaged with CentOS and its community.

Today is a very special day for CentOS, as it is celebrating its 15th birthday!!!

In anticipation of this significant milestone, Rich Bowen over at the CentOS blog interviewed Greg. Recognizing Greg as the original founder of the project, in the first part of the interview, the emphasis is:

… the motivations for starting the project, as well as some of the community challenges that were faced in those first years.

In the second part of the interview, the emphasis shifts to Greg seizing the

… opportunity to very intentionally set the tone of the community to be welcoming and tolerant.

With founding multiple software projects to his credit, there’s never been a question of Greg’s technical chops; however, as you’ll glean from this second interview, Greg’s emphasis on soft skills is equally important in ensuring a vibrant and lasting user, developer, and provider community in support of any OSS project.

In addition to these interviews, Rich’s blog post from March captures aspects of Greg’s part of the CentOS story. Though we highly recommend reading that post its entirety, it’s remarkable to reflect upon the humble beginnings that motivated Greg:

… while generating packages for [Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory], he decided that what was really needed was a community-managed distribution of RPM-based Linux, much like Debian existed for the dpkg crowd.

The rest, as they say, is history.

Kudos to Greg for founding CentOS … and Caos, Warewulf, and Singularity!

Congrats to CentOS for thriving in the highly competitive world of Linux distros for 15 years!

Rich Bowen’s interviews of Greg can be found below, or here (Part 1) and here (Part 2).  

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